Production Process

The Abetong Long Line System

The Abetong Long Line System was originally developed in 1960. It is characterized by the use of long casting beds in which sleepers are cast as continuous beams using quadruple moulds placed one after the other. The sleeper beams are left to cure inside the mould overnight and the day after cut into individual sleepers using a diamond cutting unit. The production method of Abetong starts with handling of incoming raw material and ends first when the sleepers are equipped with fastening components and ready to be loaded onto the railway wagons or trucks.

Continuous development has over the years secured a position of the Abetong Long Line System as the overall most optimized method to produce pre-stressed concrete sleepers for main lines and turnouts.

The focus areas in all our processes are related to

Quality, Efficiency, Flexibility, Safety and Work Environment

Quality - is the key to develop a successful business. Quality is assured by choosing well proven production methods with international track records in combination with a sleeper design optimized for the national requirements, a valid sleeper standard as well as the production method utilized. When using the Abetong know-how our Clients have invested in the best possible conditions for top quality performance.

Efficiency -  a major expense in the overall cost for producing concrete sleepers is the labor cost. The more rational and mechanized production method, the lower cost and thereby a stronger competitiveness. There are money to be saved in the whole process from raw material logistics, through production process ending with the sleeper handling logistics at stockyard and loading. Due to the reliability of a well proven technology, factories utilizing Abetong Technology have a minimum of production stops and rejects. Our production equipment utilizes well renowned brands of spare and ware parts with branch offices around the world. With the Abetong Long Line System the man hour required per sleeper as well as the breakdown stops will thereby be kept to a minimum.

Flexibility through the vast experience of Abetong in establishing and operating sleeper production plants the company has gained extensive knowledge in producing sleepers. It relates to a wide range of various geographic areas with significantly different conditions. In areas with high labor cost our fully mechanized system makes it feasible to produce sleepers with less than 0.1 man hour per sleeper. All labor intensive work processes utilize specially designed equipment to minimize the human contribution. In other geographic areas where the labor cost is low, Abetong could offer a less mechanized system, with lower investment cost but in turn with an increased work force. Abetong could always customize the production unit according to the conditions and requests of the Client.

Safety –  is one of the aspects never being negotiable by Abetong. Safety is a leading star throughout our entire know-how. Not only production equipment but also the entire manufacturing process are characterized by Safety first. The safety regulations, issued by the European Community, set strict requirements on any supplier of equipment within EC. These regulations are the minimum of requirements followed by Abetong independent on geographic market. For Abetong safety is crucial both in terms of equipment design as well as in terms of the precautions during the sleeper production process. The equipment and its operation have been thoroughly studied to evaluate possible risks from which safety devices have been introduced to eliminate the same.

Work Environment – in a plant manufacturing precast concrete products it is essential to minimize the workload at monotonous processes to avoid injuries among the labor force. This is also vital in order to attract the younger generation in future employments. The Abetong Long Line system has therefore been designed to allow for the best possible work environment. The casting beds are optimized in height and limited in width to minimize cramped positions during preparation of casting moulds. All heavy and ungainly processes are mechanized and handled by equipment. The Abetong Technology consists of a set of specially designed equipment, machinery and devices which along with work instructions and procedures as well as knowledge in sleeper design create a rational method to manufacture pre-stressed concrete sleepers of high and even quality to a minimum of cost.

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