Tank Technology

Abetong has long experience in building and developing tanks of various sizes and for various applications. We can offer you solid and safe constructions of high quality. Our long experience, efficient production methods and the fast and safe assembly, all this facilitates a quick use of the tank and gives a profitable financing of the tank investment. We strive for an easy and smooth cooperation in order to save time and money for the client. With the Acontank as a concept, we have over the years erected more than 25 000 tanks, today marked under the name
Abetong TankTM .

The flexible systems make it possible to perform tanks for most applications with volumes from   10 m3 to approx. 35 000 m3. Every object is designed and manufactured according to specific requirements. Our ambition is to use standard panels with technical solutions for the specific object. Manholes, pipes, plates, anchorages etc. can be cast into the panels at the manufacture. In addition to the tanks we have a complete program with optional products such as roofs, channels, wheel tracks etc.

Abetong has existed for more than half-a-century and will remain a confident partner in the future. The tanks are designed according to the demands of the Eurocode 2 part 3-Liquid retaining and containment structures. The quality awareness is always in focus and Abetong is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AFS 2001.

Storage tanks:

Sprinkler water tanks, potable storage tanks, sludge storage, digestion storage, process water storage

Treatment tanks:

Aeration tanks, balancing tanks, biogas tanks, clarification tanks

Client areas:

Agricultural industry, dairy plants and food industry, municipal authorities, chemical industry, mining industry, paper mill industry, pharmaceutical industry, power plants, steel industry

Complete know-how packages are available to new partners as license agreement, based on our support and extended experience thereby giving possibilities for unique business development.

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